4 comments on “Are Christianity and Libertarianism compatible?

  1. Christianity aside, you don’t consider an abortion to possibly be a violation of the NAP? Isn’t the question one of when a human is a “human” and therefore considered to be allowed protection via the NAP concept?(at least from those practicing it)

    • Good question, Richard. I want to make clear in detail how i come to my position on abortion. I will do in an article that i hope to finish and publish in the next few days.
      I can give you a hint in advance though: it does not even figure much into it whether the unborn child can be considered ‘human’ or not. Let’s supposed that it is. The question to me is simply one of who has the real rights, and who’s rights are actually being violated in the case of an unwanted pregnancy. While i will explain this in more detail, i consider abortion not to be a violation of the NAP, but actually to be a matter of ‘defense of (self)ownership’. More later.

      • I’ll be looking forward to your further explanation.

        It sounds “Blockian” to me, similar to evictionism. That being said, I’m going to be a little sarcastic and suggest it’s hard to claim defense from yourself…but I’ll read your response with an open mind.

      • Well, if it was “defense from oneself”, anti-abortionists would not have any reason to complain anyway, right? And “evictionism” would indeed be the exception to the notion that abortion is logically and morally justified. If the fetus could be evicted without it being harmed, abortion would indeed be murder.

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