The Individualist is an anarchocapitalist, a market anarchist, or however you want to call someone that is against the state; against political power; against the initiation of aggressive force by person, group or government; for individual liberty, and for voluntary and peaceful actions between people in a social, cultural and economic sense.

There is some difference of opinion about what certain words stand for and what their definitions are. The word within the philosophy of liberty that may be the most misconstrued, misinterpreted or generates the most difference of opinion is “libertarian”. Even though i will call myself a libertarian often, or claim to support libertarianism, i do this mainly for the benefit of clear communication. But market anarchist or individualist are more precise terms to describe me, because they leave no doubt about my position on the state and forced forms of collectivism.

My market anarchism is Rothbardian, which means i do not consider corporations to be free market phenomena, nor do i consider businesses that can thank government – or government policies – for their success to be creatures of the free market. Businesses that are pro-regulation- and licensing, pro-government, protectionist and so on, i do not consider to be examples of the free market, but clients of the state. In my opinion they seek and get advantage from the various ways in which governments impede open competition in the free market, and as a result the freedom of the consumer, and also distort the natural workings of economics.

As an individualist i am of the opinion that people ought to be spiritually independent, and should embrace the correct ideas but should not worship persons. I don’t have a liking for any kind of irrational conformity to people or groups, no matter how often these people or groups may have been right in the past. In my opinion this worshipful attitude and conformity leads to the defense of people and their opinions even when it is not deserved. Always be independent and skeptical, but always use logical arguments.



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